Player intentionally makes shot in own basket in attempt to force overtime


If Goran Dragic thought the World Cup had ridiculous incentives, he should check this out.

Sportando explains:

During the final second of the Liga Sudamericana Game between Aguada and Limeira, a player of Aguada made an intentional own basket trying to force the game to the overtime with his team up by 2.

Aguada had to win by 5 to pass the round. The team was leading by 4 with less than 3 seconds on the buzzer when two free throws made by a player of Limeira cut Aguada’s lead to 2 points.

The referees did not count the basket because it is prohibited by the rules. Aguada won 74-72 but did not advance to next round.

I suppose hoping the refs allow the basket is more likely than making a desperation 3-pointer.