What did Cavaliers’ rotation against Chicago tell us about their regular season?


David Blatt said he planned to manage his rotation and playing time against the Bulls as if it were the regular season.

If the Cavaliers coach followed through, what did we learn?

One, Derrick Rose still has some moves and can produce.

Beyond that, we can use Cleveland’s distribution of playing time and apply Basketball-Reference’s projected win shares per 48 minutes to estimate the number of wins each Cavalier will account for:

Player MIN WS/48 Projected wins
LeBron James 31:48 0.278 15.1
Kevin Love 35:06 0.221 13.3
Kyrie Irving 38:31 0.12 7.9
Anderson Varejao 23:27 0.144 5.8
Shawn Marion 24:04 0.096 3.9
Tristan Thompson 23:37 0.096 3.9
Matthew Dellavedova 22:42 0.082 3.2
Dion Waiters 32:33 0.038 2.1
Mike Miller 8:05 0.115 1.6
Lou Amundson 0:07 0.053 0.0
Total 56.7

This is obviously far from a fool-proof system.

I don’t know how closely Blatt, despite his stated intentions, followed the script he intends to use during the regular season. I’m not convinced LeBron will rank just fourth on the team in minutes. Injuries will happen. Players like James Jones and Joe Harris, even if not in the rotation, will account for some minutes throughout the season.

But this is another data point, one not too far from the Las Vegas over/under of 58.5 wins.