Dikembe Mutombo among group trying to buy Atlanta Hawks


Dominique Wilkins has his guys and wants to be in.

Chris Webber has his guys and wants to be in.

Now Dikembe Mutombo is rounding up his guys and wants to get in on buying the Atlanta Hawks. The team is up for sale — Bruce Levenson is getting out in the wake of a bigoted email controversy, and along with other owners is putting up a majority stake in the franchise — and a whole lot of bidders are lining up to pay a whole lot of money for the team.

Mutombo is among them, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Former Hawks player Dikembe Mutombo has met with a group of investors about joining their bid to buy the Atlanta Hawks.

The group, which is made up in part of Atlanta businessmen, has begun the preliminary work to get involved in the sale of the team. Talks are ongoing. The group may also consist of other former NBA players. They hope to meet with the NBA commissioner’s office in the near future.

There are reportedly a number of interested groups.

All the big names are nice to see, but of course this is all going to come down to who bids the most money. This sale price will not approach the $2 billion Steve Ballmer overpaid for the Clippers, but Levenson and friends are going to get handsomely paid.

Once a new ownership group is selected they will have to go through a vetting process with the league followed by an approval vote of the others owners. Then those new owners will have a lot of questions to deal with, starting with what to do with exiled GM Danny Ferry, who had his own bigoted comment controversy around him.