Blake Griffin, Chris Paul to have their own sketch comedy show (VIDEO)


If you want to know why players are still drawn to the opportunities of playing in Los Angeles, allow me to present Exhibit A:

Clippers’ Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are about to have their own comedy show. Which you can watch on Adult Swim. Above is the trailer, below are the details via Jasmine Watkins of The Sporting News.

The two Jordan brand athletes will be starring in a five-minute show during commercial time on Adult Swim called “BGCP3TV in HD” co-created by comedian Neal Brennan….

“The funny thing is it doesn’t really feel like acting,” said Griffin. “This is pretty much just us being us, but in some pretty crazy situations that Neal Brennan came up with.”

Griffin has a fairly impressive comedy background, and I’ll confirm first hand Chris Paul can be funny.

Their own show…. not going to be the worst thing on late at night.