Joakim Noah wants Tom Thibodeau to do yoga with him


Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is decidedly old-school. Like eating cold pizza in a darkened video room breaking down an opponent hours after everyone else left the building old-school. Always critical, always intense old school.

Joakim Noah is pretty much the opposite. Oh, he’s intense, but more in a heart-on-his-sleeve (when they wear sleeves) kind of way. Noah’s a free spirit.

Noah sat town with The Daily Beast for an interview and was asked about Thibodeau’s intensity (hat tip That NBA Lottery Pick).

Coach Thibodeau always looks like he’s on the verge of an aneurism. What, if anything, could you do to calm him down?

He looks like that whether he’s happy or sad. But I’d have him do yoga with me. He could use that.

I’d say I’d pay to see Thibodeau do yoga, but actually I don’t want to see that. Whatever you do, don’t picture him in yoga pants.

Thibodeau is intense, but he’s also good at reading guys — when to back off, when to let them vent, and when to push them. He’s got a good relationship with Noah and says Noah says in the interview Thibs knows when to let him just vent.

Still, most of the time Thibodeau will do the talking… actually, the yelling.