Dwyane Wade still trying to find his way in new, LeBron-less Heat offense.


It took Dwyane Wade about a season and a half to really figure out how to play next to LeBron James (read: let LeBron be the alpha dog and sacrifice your game to fit around him).

Now it’s taking some time to adjust to LeBron not being around.

Erik Spoelsta has tweaked the Heat’s “space and pace” offense to fit his current personnel with Chris Bosh as a hub and Luol Deng as a jack-of-all-trades. That’s taking some adjusting to, Wade told our friend Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel.

“I’m still finding my way with this team and this offense,” he said, as the Heat prepare to play in their exhibition finale against the Houston Rockets. “So I’m still trying to see where I fit in. I know I can get a shot any time I want, but it’s about the quality of it more so than anything. I’m just playing the game and just seeing.”

“This early offense that we started in camp is more so to get our guys to better ball movement,” he said. “So now Coach is starting to get to the point where it’s time now to put in a package for C.B. [Bosh] and myself, and it will kind of be what we do for the next week, week and a half.”

This shouldn’t be a shock. It’s going to take Miami some time to really find it’s footing and identity, just like it is in Cleveland. That said I think the Heat will find their stride fairly quickly and be one of the solid teams in the middle of the Eastern Conference pack.

And Wade will find his groove… in however many games he plays, anyway.