Tristan Thompson kisses Cavaliers sideline reporter (VIDEO)


Everything that happens with the Cavaliers will be magnified this season, thanks to LeBron James and Kevin Love joining a team that will now be expected to be one of the leading contenders for this year’s title.

That means potentially innocuous incidents — like the one that occurred between Tristan Thompson and a sideline reporter — will be heavily scrutinized.

In an odd on-camera interview, Thompson behaves strangely before planting a kiss on the reporter — he calls her Tina, although that’s not her name. It didn’t seem to be planned, though it didn’t seem to offend, either.

Players often have friendly relationships with media members who are around the team on a regular basis, and this may have simply been an extension of that. At first glance, this appears to have been harmless, and nothing more than an awkward one-sided exchange.