NBA announces groundbreaking partnership to implement basketball development curriculum in Chinese schools


The NBA’s popularity has continued to increase on a global scale; just check out any of the videos of the trips taken by athletes overseas during the summer, and you’ll see insane numbers of fans turn out to get a glimpse of the game’s star players in person.

China is especially fond of the league, so much so that the NBA has entered into a partnership with the educational system there to implement an official basketball-related curriculum in the nation’s schools.

From the official release:

“The groundbreaking partnership will focus on basketball participation in elementary, middle and high schools across China and aims to provide enhanced basketball training to at least 3 million students by 2017.” …

“As part of the curriculum, NBA players, legends and coaches will visit Chinese schools to conduct basketball clinics and provide specialized instruction to Chinese coaches and physical education teachers.  Chinese coaches and physical education teachers selected by the Ministry of Education will also have the chance to observe and participate in coaching activities organized by the NBA.” …

“The partnership with the Ministry of Education builds on the NBA’s basketball and youth development efforts in China.  In February 2014, NBA China and Yao Ming launched the first ever after-school basketball program in Beijing, providing basketball training and fitness programs for boys and girls at all skill levels, while also teaching the importance of teamwork, leadership and communication in a fun basketball environment.  In September 2011, the CBA Dongguan Basketball School, an NBA Training Center, was launched for elite players ages 12-17.  Together the CBA Dongguan Basketball School and CBA/NBA joint coaching program have trained more than 2,000 youth and coaches.”

This is a pretty big deal, as it not only brings basketball development to schools throughout China, but gets people involved in the game at a very young age. If you’re a fan of the league or the game at all, growing it globally like this will only solidify its impact well into the future.