Kobe Bryant gets loose for a dunk during Lakers practice (VIDEO)


During a 3-on-3 scrimmage portion of Lakers practice on Saturday, Kobe Bryant got to the rim and elevated nicely to throw down the one-handed slam.

In case this particular angle (or the audible reaction from what seemed like an unusually high amount of spectators) didn’t do it justice, here’s an eyewitness report from someone who saw it live.

There are only two questions with Bryant this season, and admittedly, they’re big ones. Can he stay healthy to play the bulk of his team’s games, and can he perform at a consistently high level while doing so?

The issue that’s perceived to exist by some (idiots) — whether or not he can still play at an All-Star level at all — has already been answered more than once. Bryant put up 27 points in 28 minutes in L.A.’s last exhibition game, and leads the Lakers in points, assists and steals to this point of the preseason.