Report: Chris Webber face of group trying to buy Hawks

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Bruce Levenson is selling the Hawks after a racist he email he sent a couple years ago came to light.

But who will buy the team?

Atlanta’s mayor said he’s spoken to six potential buyers, including former Hawk Dominique Wilkins.

Wilkins isn’t the only retired All-Star with interest.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Chris Webber is part of a potential ownership group that has submitted a letter of interest to the NBA about its desire to purchase the Atlanta Hawks, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Webber would have a modest financial investment in the partnership, but is expected to emerge as a face of the bid with an ultimate goal of becoming a prominent figure on the basketball side for the Hawks, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Webber, 41, has had a home in Atlanta for the past decade and has been working to connect with community officials and organizations to make a case for reselling the organization to an increasingly dubious public.

Webber, who made an estimated $178,230,697 during his 15-year career, does not have the type of money necessary to buy an NBA team on his own. But it makes sense to add him to a group trying the purchase the team, a group that includes wealthier members.

Most importantly, Webber is bright and would contribute good ideas.

He also makes sense as the face of the group, even though he’d be purchasing only a minority stake in the team.

Not only is Webber a former star player who remains in the spotlight due to his broadcasting work, he’s an African-American who lives in Atlanta. That is the demographic the Hawks are trying to reach after Levenson’s email and general manager Danny Ferry’s racist comment about Luol Deng.

The Hawks must make amends, and maybe Webber can help them do that. His face in front is good PR.

But in the end, money will almost certainly win out. If Webber’s group* bids the most, it’ll get the team. If not, it won’t.

*I don’t like calling it Webber’s group, because the largest financial contributor/potential controlling governor belongs before the word “group.” However, no other members are yet known. Darn, that’s some good PR work, forcing me to identify it as Webber’s group.