LeBron James denies screening Cavaliers teammate to help Heat (because, duh)


LeBron James, in the Cavaliers-Heat preseason game, appeared to set a screen on teammate Matthew Dellavedova for former teammate Norris Cole.

Of course, LeBron wasn’t actually screening Dellavedova for Cole. Defenders sometimes run into each other, especially while defending pick-and-rolls.

It was fun to laugh about LeBron appearing to set a pick on a teammate, but nobody actually believes that was LeBron’s intent in that moment, right?

Apparently some did.

LeBron, via Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

“For non-basketball people,” James began with a smirk when asked about the apparent blooper before the Cavs played the Indiana Pacers in Cincinnati on Wednesday, “our coverage is for me to show and for Delly [Dellavedova] to go under me and we just didn’t get the call right at the time. Delly was supposed to slide under me and we kind of ran into each other.

“So, for non-basketball people, they like to critique everything that I do. It’s stupid.”

All I know, Michael Jordan never would have set a pick on a teammate.