Celtics forward Evan Turner ejected for hitting ref with ball (video)


Celtics forward Evan Turner tossed a ball toward a referee who was reporting a call to the scorers, and after two bounces, it hit the ref.


Usually, I want every game – preseason, regular season, postseason – called the same way, but this is an exception.

This shouldn’t be an ejection in the regular season or playoffs, because it’s too likely Turner honestly thought he was just giving the ref the ball during a stoppage. It bounced twice and came in slowly, for goodness sake.

But it’s generally the player’s responsibility to ensure he doesn’t hit a ref with the ball. The preseason is a good time to send a reminder of that.

This type of ejection isn’t new for the Celtics, who saw Rajon Rondo ejected for more maliciously zipping the ball at a ref a couple years ago:

Rondo was suspended two games in addition to his ejection. Turner shouldn’t be suspended for this more minor incident, but precedent suggests he will be.