NBC Sports World officially launched, brings longform writing, video


We always need more good storytelling in sports media. There are just so many stories to tell.

To do that right often takes space, it takes time to craft the story properly. It takes longform writing and someone willing to give that piece the time and space it needs.

That’s what NBC Sports World brings.

NBC Sports World just launched today and it will bring to you fantastic long-form journalism, with the incomparable Joe Posnanski leading the way. There will be a lot of other writers you know from around NBC Sports, plus you will get a lot of video — not highlight packages, rather video storytelling.

Here is Posnanski explaining what NBC Sports World is.

Already there is great content up.

Go read Eric Angevine on the impact of YouTube on sports.

Fellow soccer fans, read Joe Prince-Write on the winding road through the soccer coaching world of Bob Bradley (former US Mens Team coach).

There’s a great video piece (first run during the Olympics) by Tom Brokaw on the 1950s-60s “space race” between the USA and USSR.

Bookmark it and go back often. NBC is investing a chunk of time and money into this because of the understanding we needed a new platform to really highlight this style of writing, this kind of storytelling. We’re going to bring you some of the best writing on the Web there. Go back often, you won’t be disappointed.