Wesley Matthews thinks Wesley Matthews is the best two-way guard in NBA


It’s been a bit of a bar stool debate among NBA fans since Klay Thompson’s agent brought it up:

Who is the best two-way guard in the NBA?

Obviously Thompson’s agent said it was Thompson. Lance Stephenson is in the conversation, as is the often overlooked Joe Johnson (not worth his contract but still very good). Arron Afflalo gets overlooked and is better than many fans realize. DeMar DeRozan, Eric Bledsoe and Bradley Beal are fast rising. Kobe Bryant’s backers say it’s still him (Kobe’s fans will say it’s Kobe when he’s 70 and in a wheelchair). I’d still take James Harden over a lot of guys because of his offense but his defense is clearly an issue.

Portland’s Wesley Mathews says its Wesley Mathews, as he told the Columbian.

“Do I think I’m All-Defense? Absolutely. I think I’m the best two-way two-guard in the NBA. But I feel like we need to be a good defensive team within the scheme of the game. We’re not out there gambling, trying to reach and get steals. That would put us in a bind if I don’t get it,” Matthews said.

I’d put him in the often-overlooked category and near the top of that mythical list — he averaged 17.4 points a game with a very good .588 true shooting percentage and he shot almost 40 percent from three. He’s a smart and strong defender. He gets overlooked because of the star power that Damian Lillard brings, but Mathews is one of the games better two guards right now.

You’ll see Matthews real value next summer when he is a free agent — he is going to get paid. A number of teams will try to poach him.