Attend Spurs season-opening game, get replica of championship ring


In just two weeks the NBA season tips off, and in the first game the San Antonio Spurs are going to raise their championship banner and get handed their championship rings (right in front of Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks, just to rub some salt in that wound).

Fans going to the game are going to get more than memories — they are going to get replica championship rings. Nice.

The rings are sponsored by HEB (which is a ubiquitous sponsor in San Antonio) and while they will not be diamond encrusted like the ones the players get, they still sound pretty sweet. From the press release:

The commemorative NBA Championship rings feature the iconic Spur logo on the front and the team’s 2013-14 regular and post-season records above the NBA logo on the left panel. The opposite panel is etched with a replica of the Larry O’Brien trophy with five studs, representing each of the Spurs’ five championships.

They may not be the first team ever to do this (the Wizards have previously given away rings on the anniversary of their one title, from back in the Bullets era) but once again the Spurs may have set the standard for the league. Just giving out a T-shirt on opening night isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Just like every team is trying to do on the court with the Spurs offense (and there they will fall short), every team is going to be copying the Spurs here. The Cavaliers, Thunder, Clippers and Bulls marketing teams may want to start thinking about this, just in case.