CJ McCollum (who had same injury): Don’t be surprised if Durant is out longer than expected


CJ McCollum has been there.

During his senior year of college at Lehigh he suffered a Jones fracture — the one to the bone on the outside of the foot above your little toe, the one Kevin Durant suffered.

McCollum’s story shows why this can be a tricky injury. He had the surgery, a screw placed in his foot (as is expected to happen with Durant) but during training camp last season McCollum re-fractured the same foot. This thine he went through a non-surgical procedure to get back on the court.

McCollum spoke with Mike Tokito of the Oregonian about what Durant is going through.

“I feel bad for him, honestly,” McCollum said. “It’s something I’ve been through twice. You never wish injuries on any player, but if anybody can get through it, I’m sure he can. They’ve got a great medical staff out there. It seems like he caught it early enough to where it hasn’t become too severe….

“There are methods you can do besides getting surgery, but it’s his first break, so I’m sure they’ll probably recommend surgery,” McCollum said. “Either way, it’s a tough injury to recover from, depending on if it’s broken through all the way, the placement of the screw. There’s a lot of things that go into it, but if they say four to six (weeks), it’s probably more like eight to 10.”

The longer time frame makes sense in the Durant case, especially when you consider the Thunder have traditionally (and wisely) been cautious with bringing their young stars back from injury. This is early in the season, even if it costs them some spots in seeding the Thunder need to think about the long tern and about the playoffs.

Hopefully Durant’s recovery goes more smoothly than McCollum’s, but that is the biggest scare in all of this: Foot injuries are tricky.