Rick Carlisle apologizes to Mavericks for criticizing Chandler Parsons’ weight


Since the Dallas Mavericks kicked off training camp, head coach Rick Carlisle and newly signed small forward Chandler Parsons have clashed over Parsons’ weight. First, Carlisle criticized Parsons to the press multiple times for showing up to camp a little bulkier than expected.

Then, Parsons posted a shirtless picture on Instagram as a response to Carlisle’s comments.



在 Instagram 上瀏覽

Now, Carlisle seems to be admitting he was in the wrong in singling out Parsons’ weight.

The Mavericks inked Parsons to a three-year, $46 million offer sheet this summer that the Houston Rockets ultimately decided not to match. In light of the massive pay cut Dirk Nowitzki took in July, Parsons is now the second-highest paid player on the team (he’s a few hundred thousand dollars below Tyson Chandler), and the Mavs are expecting to be a playoff team this year, so with that money comes increased expectations.

Still, Carlisle is probably right that going public with the criticisms this early was the wrong move. He was attempting to send the message to the team that everybody, even the highest-paid stars on the team, are accountable, but unless Parsons’ weight issue is something more than a normal case of a player playing himself back into shape during camp (and there’s been no indication it has), there’s no reason to make it a talking point. Good on Carlisle for apologizing so the team can move past this.