Report: Referees to focus on illegal screens, verticality this season


It’s one of the fun questions at the start of every NBA season: What are the referees going to focus on and call the first half of the season.

Every year the NBA referees are given new points of emphasis, and we get these calls for the first half of the season. Then between a combination of players adjusting and the referees reverting to form, the game kind of finds its equilibrium by the All-Star Game.

So what are the referees going to focus on this year? Illegal screens (a big NBA issue), verticality, and allegedly traveling. Jeff Zillgitt of the USA Today tweeted this out on Friday.

The use of a central replay center (something all the major sporting leagues have or are going toward) should speed up replays. Should. I’d like to think it will lead to more consistency of calls, too, but I will need to see that to believe it.

That’s pretty much the same with all of this. Whatever the referees call now, by the All-Star Game things will return to NBA normal.