DeMar DeRozan passes it off the glass to himself for an easy two points (VIDEO)


I’ve asked players about these types of plays in the past — in-game, passes off the glass to themselves for highlight plays or fantastic slam dunks.

When it happens in a half court set the way this one from DeMar DeRozan does, the answers are all variations of the same thing: This was the only play available, and therefore, was the best option.

That may seem ridiculous to those of us without the incredible abilities that these guys possess, but since I’ve heard it consistently, we’ll take them at their word.

In this particular instance, however, the move didn’t appear to be necessary.

Once DeRozan got by Kelly Olynyk on on the perimeter and into the paint, it seemed like he could have just layed it in on the first attempt. Brandon Bass came over to contest, though, so maybe DeRozan believed he didn’t have the angle to cleanly make the shot.

Either way — whether intentional, necessary, or neither — it was certainly fun to watch.