LeBron not ready for Cavaliers-Heat rivalry to kick into high gear


Chris Bosh said he hasn’t talked to LeBron James since the small forward left for the Cavaliers (though he later realized he had), and Bosh candidly explained the difficulties of playing next to LeBron.

Bosh just isn’t about making nice with LeBron right now.

As Bosh explained, via Chris Haynes of The Plain Dealer:

“I want to get people to understand that I’m a competitor,” Bosh said. “He’s on another team and I’d think he’ll understand that, I understand that, everybody else understands that. We have plenty of time to talk in the summer. That’s how it is now.”

On the other hand, LeBron has his own approach as the Cavaliers and Heat are set to meet in the preseason. LeBron, via Haynes:

“Nah, I’m a different guy. It’s just the preseason,” James said. “I’ll acknowledge those guys for sure [on Saturday]. I’m still cool with all those guys. I’m not that far into it right now as far as the competitive nature. It’s too early. If I put my mind into it right now, then I would be drained too fast. I don’t see it that way right now.”

Maybe Bosh and LeBron are just different people with different outlooks. Or maybe circumstance has led them to their differing mindsets.

Bosh and the Heat have far less room for error. Every regular-season game they lose means they’re further from home-court advantage in the playoffs – or even making the postseason.

LeBron’s Cavaliers are thinking about championships, playing all the way into June. Early slip-ups will have little effect on them.