Chris Kaman’s new web reality series looks… like Kaman (VIDEO)


“I think someone who would watch this would think there is something wrong with me and something wrong with my friends.”

That’s Chris Kaman’s own description of his new Web-based reality series “Exploring Kaman.” How should we put this…. Kaman is a different cat from your average NBA player. This is a guy who when he first signed his deal this summer in Portland asked how the pig hunting in the area was. He tried to bond with Dirk Nowitzki by taking him hunting. Kaman admitted he never liked Kobe Bryant much (and Kobe didn’t like Kaman’s laying down on the bench antics). He owns as many guns as a small militia and likes to fire large, automatic weapons.

So a Web-based reality show seems about right. The first episode will be released on Oct. 17. If you care here is the Facebook page for it. Above we have just a little taste in a trailer.

Not my usual style, but I’d rather watch this than the Duck Dynasty fools.