Michael Beasley leaves Grizzlies for China


Michael Beasley signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Grizzlies, trying to earn Memphis’ final roster spot.

He’s given up that dream.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

When it comes to No. 2 pick busts, Darko Milicic played more seasons (10) than Beasley (6) before falling out of the NBA. Beasley, 25, could still return to the league while Darko is surely done, but that’s still not a good look.

Maybe Beasley got more money to go to China and this isn’t a sign of defeat. However, his Chinese salary won’t be pure profit.

Beasley was set to make $777,778 this season from the Suns, who released him last year. Phoenix can reduce its payments by half the difference between Beasley’s Chinese salary and $507,336 (NBA rookie minimum).