Heat, Cavaliers players told not to do “goggle three” celebration in Brazil, where that is flipping someone off


When NBA players make a big three (and often a not big three) they celebrate — there are flying jets ala Jason Terry, guns that are holstered, some self chest pounding (think Kevin Garnett), a few others.

And there are the three point goggles, as you see modeled in the photo to the right by the most famed practitioner of it, James Harden.

Miami and Cleveland are in Rio de Janeiro for a preseason game to spread the gospel of the NBA to the South America but both teams have been told not to do the three goggles celebration after a big shot in Brazil.

Why? It’s the equivalent of flipping someone the bird here stateside. My man Chris Haynes of the Northeast Ohio Media Group filed this story (likely before tasting the Rio nightlife).

Holding up the “three-sign” or the “three-goggles” in a certain way while in Brazil could be mistaken for “f— you” or “f— off,” I was informed.

The NBA sent the Cavs and Heat a memo with a list of questionable gestures that shouldn’t be used in Brazil, we’re told. The last thing anybody wants is for the stands to clear immediately after a player nails a 3-pointer.

The Heat and Cavaliers players likely can comply (LeBron James has been known to use the gesture, but a global marketing icon like himself knows how to stay away from that kind of controversy).

Now, Harden as part of Team USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics…. that will be something to watch.