Mark Cuban: If players want to get rid of max contracts they have to give up guaranteed contracts


Here are two things the NBA owners would LOVE to win in 2017 when the league and players negotiate the next Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA):

• A hard salary cap.

• Do away with guaranteed contracts.

As evidence, I bring you Mark Cuban, speaking with Jeff Caplan of, responding to Kevin Durant’s suggestion there shouldn’t be a max contract limit.

“If you give up guarantees,” Cuban said. “It’s a trade-off….

“It was discussed during the lockout time among owners, but never got anywhere. So it was just one of those trial balloons,” Cuban said. “I’m not offering this as a negotiation, I’m not suggesting it, all I’m saying is that was something we discussed before, and max contracts are always big question, guarantees are always a big question. But we have two years before that’s even an issue, so no point discussing it now.”

If the owners want to draw a line in the sand on either the hard cap or guaranteed contracts, well, hope you weren’t expecting a 2017-18 contract.

I don’t think it comes to that. The reason is there is just so much money on the table that right now, with the new television deal, that both sides will be willing to compromise. Team franchise values are going up, more revenue is coming into the teams, and half of that revenue goes to the players in an ever-increasing pool. Don’t risk killing the golden goose.

At least I hope so. But I don’t like betting on rich and/or uber rich people willing to put aside their greed for the greater good.