Kobe Bryant on Nick Young’s thumb injury: ‘You reach, then you’re going to get hurt’


Kobe Bryant is obviously thrilled that he’s healthy enough to be back on the court, after two serious injuries limited him to playing in just six games for the Lakers last season.

But he may have been a little overly exuberant during the very first week of training camp in Los Angeles.

Bryant was going all out during scrimmages with his teammates, and engaging in trash talk with them regularly in order to try to bring out their best. One such exchange, however, may have contributed to an injury which is expected to sideline Nick Young for 6-8 weeks.

It’ll ultimately only cost Young three weeks or so of regular season action, and once healed, he likely won’t have to deal with any of the injury’s lingering effects. As for Bryant, he wasn’t exactly apologetic about the sequence.

Bryant is obviously joking here, at least to a certain extent.

While it’s true that being a more fundamentally sound defender would theoretically reduce the risk of injury, the first week of training camp may not be the best time to turn the competitiveness up to playoff levels, especially against one’s own teammates.

Bryant looked sharp in his preseason debut for the Lakers on Monday. Now that there are some real games for him to participate in, maybe he can dial back the trash talk in practice, if only just a little bit.