Wizards’ Martell Webster plans to retire when current contract expires

Martell Webster

Martell Webster played in all 11 of the Wizards playoff games last season, but ongoing back pain diminished his enthusiasm somewhat substantially.

Webster has undergone three back surgeries in four years, and though he’s been a successful role player throughout nine NBA seasons and is just 27 years of age, the injuries he’s endured already have him considering retirement once his current contract is finished.

From Jorge Castillo of The Washington Post:

“I know this game is probably not going to be the healthiest thing for me if I try to stretch it out as much as a possibly can,” Webster told The Post Thursday. “So I intend to really give everything I got for these last three years of my contract and probably walk away from this game so I can be healthy.”

Webster, 27, will be 30 years old when the four-year, $22 million contract he signed with Wizards last summer expires. Webster turned pro after high school so he is already entering his 10th NBA season.

“I’ve always wanted to retire young,” Webster said. “I love this game and I respect this game, but I only want to be in it as long as I can be effective and as long as I can feel comfortable.”

Webster has earned more than $33 million to this point in his career (via Basketball Reference), so if health is truly a concern, he’s wise to be eying retirement instead of trying to prolong his career for as long as possible, at the expense of his health potentially for years to come.