Report: NBA draft combine will feature 5-on-5 competition


The NBA draft combine is an opportunity for teams to get player measurements and conduct interviews and…

That’s about it.

Sure, players go through drills, but I’m not convinced those influence anyone much.

The combine previously included 5-on-5 competition, but fearing injury, top prospects stopped participating. In an effort to get those premier players back, the NBA eliminated 5-on-5.

Teams LOATHED that. So, the league is reverting to the previous format.

Chad Ford of ESPN:

After considering a proposal from its competition committee, the NBA will bring back 5-on-5 competition for next year’s draft combine, league sources told

Top prospects were skipping the event, anyway. If they’re not going to participate, why not let those who do show up play 5-on-5?

This switch back is particularly meaningful now that the combine is televised. Presumably, we’ll all be able to watch and evaluate prospects during that portion of the event.

If players shows up.