Cavaliers coach Blatt wisely says he plans to give LeBron, other guys nights off


LeBron James is a physical freak of nature who can take the pounding of 82 NBA games as well as anyone.

But why should he?

If the goal for the Cavaliers are the games in late May and June — and it certainly is — why not give him some rest in January and February?

Or a practice in October? LeBron sat out practice Friday morning and we could see guys like Kevin Love and Anderson Varejao among others get rest during the season, Cavaliers coach David Blatt suggested Friday, as reported by Sam Amico of Fox Sports.

“We wanted to give him a little bit of a break. We may do more of that,” Blatt said. “These are guys with multiple years on their resume and on their legs, so we’re trying to be careful and smart with them.”

Blatt indicated James and other long-time veterans could potentially sit out games for the purpose of rest and maintenance during the regular season.

As they should. This isn’t even a debate.

The NBA season is a marathon, throw in a deep playoff run and it is an eight month grind. It’s a lot of running up and down a hardwood floor every day. If you don’t think giving guys a day off matters and works, I’d like to take a look at the San Antonio Spurs and think again. Or how Erik Spoelstra won with the Heat, or Doc Rivers with the Celtics, or even Phil Jackson a little back in the day.

Blatt’s smart. There will be good times to get veteran legs some rest this season and he should take advantage of it. It will matter come the playoffs and he knows it.