Postal Service creates Wilt Chamberlain stamps


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Just like Wilt Chamberlain himself, these new official United States stamps be larger than life (or at least other stamps).

Next week (Oct. 8) the new Wilt Chamberlain commemorative stamps will go on sale and they are larger than even the average commemorative stamp — two inches tall. They will be available through the Postal Service or the Web site, so you’ll be able to get them in time to put on all those Christmas cards your wife buys, addresses and does all the work on for you (well, that’s how it goes at my house).

It’s fitting because Wilt was larger than life — this is a guy who scored 100 points in a game, averaged 50.4 points a night in 1961-62, who averaged more than 30 points a game for nine seasons and more than 20 rebounds a game for a dozen seasons, whose career averages were 30.1 points and 22.9 rebounds a game, a man who dished out more assists than anyone in the league in 1968 just to show he could. And that’s just his on-the-court exploits.

Philadelphia Tribune sportswriter Donald Hunt pushed a campaign to get Wilt on a stamp, and it has finally happened.

The Sixers will have a tribute night for Chamberlain Dec. 5 when the Oklahoma City Thunder come to town.