Nike delays retail launch of LeBron 12 ‘due to a small cosmetic issue’


Nike Basketball hosted a media event at its world headquarters in Portland a couple of weeks ago to launch the LeBron 12, the latest signature shoe for LeBron James.

Plenty of details were revealed, which included an all-new hexagonally-shaped cushioning system along with seven additional colorways that would be rolled out at what were at the time confirmed future release dates.

But something unforeseen has occurred which has delayed the initial retail launch.

From the official release:

Product quality is a priority for Nike. Due to a small cosmetic issue with some of the LEBRON 12 shoes we have delayed the initial retail launch that was scheduled for China on October 1, and the global launch that was scheduled for October 11. We will communicate an update on the retail date as soon as possible.

Once the news of the delay became public, I closely examined my own pair of the 12s, which I’ve been wearing to work out in daily since receiving them at the launch event. There was nothing noticeable from a wear and tear standpoint, but perhaps under more rigorous testing, an issue emerged which was deemed unacceptable to release to the masses.

It’s unclear whether the problem lied specifically with the NSRL colorway, or if it was something more general to the manufacturing process. But either way, Nike believed that whatever it was required fixing before it could feel good about charging consumers that $200 retail price.