Kobe Bryant has been working out with Kanye West


In a season that looks to be a grim one for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant’s return is one of the few bright spots. We know he’s been working out tirelessly this summer as he prepares to come back from two major leg injuries in the last 18 months, which held him to six games last season.

What we didn’t know is that he’s been working out with Kanye West. Open Gym Premier, an Orange County-area gym, posted this photo on their Instagram account:

From the photo’s caption:

The NBA season is officially underway and we can’t wait to watch Kobe Bryant in the purple and gold. We had front row seats all summer long to watch a legend master his craft and prepare for his 19th season. It’s been a privilege working with you. And yes, that is Kanye West. #OGP #TheHub #NBA #Lakers #BlackMamba #MambaReturns #Lakeshow

It’s no secret that Kobe and Kanye are friends, or at least mutual admirers. West appeared in a Nike commercial a few years ago as part of the #KobeSystem campaign:

Their friendship makes perfect sense. Bryant and West are both legendary sociopaths and the most polarizing people in the world at their respective crafts. When Kobe tells a story about taking inspiration from a cheetah on his shooting form, the substance isn’t any different from Kanye saying he wants to be the next Steve Jobs.

Yeezy’s basketball skills are unknown (although he can’t be worse at it than Kobe is at rapping). But I would pay a lot of money to listen to a mic’d up feed of their trash talk to each other during these sessions.