DeMarcus Cousins on Kings’ switch from Isaiah Thomas to Darren Collison: ‘The ball is moving a lot better’


Not long ago, DeMarcus Cousins was squarely in Isaiah Thomas’ corner.

But Thomas left for the Suns this summer, and his split with the Kings was somewhat acrimonious.

Sacramento signed Darren Collison to replace him, and the Kings are moving on. They’re touting Collison as an upgraded passer and defender over Thomas even though the players’ history indicate otherwise.

I don’t know where Cousins and Thomas stand personally, but the center is now praising Collison and – intentionally or not – throwing shade on Thomas.

Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee:

Cousins has a point.

Thomas possessed the ball 22 percent of the time he played last season compared to 14 percent for Collison.

But the discussion can’t end there as if all movement is equal and good.

When Thomas possessed the ball, good things happened. He’d either score efficiently or set up a teammate for a good look. Thomas’ passing numbers (32.2 assist percentage, 14.3 turnover percentage) dwarf Collison’s (21.9 assist percentage, 14.3 turnover percentage).

Expect Collison’s time of possession to come up too now that he’s not playing with Chris Paul.

I don’t know whether Cousins meant to take a shot at his former teammate, but that quote seems a bit over the top if it were meant just to praise Collison. If Thomas were seeking any additional motivation – he’s not, because he’s already covered – this would provide it.

The ball probably is moving better in Sacramento with Collison replacing Thomas. But if that doesn’t make the Kings better, I wonder if Cousins will still be raving about Collison at midseason.