LeBron co-producing children’s show about beginnings of himself, other top athletes


There are a lot of inspiring stories out there about professional athletes who achieved their dreams despite having to overcome numerous, large obstacles.

LeBron James thinks those story would make a good television show for youth, so he is co-producing it for Disney XD.

And he will be the subject of the first episode, something detailed in the story by the Associated Press.

The NBA superstar is co-producing a half-hour TV series called ”Becoming,” which will showcase the journeys of some of today’s top athletes. The pilot focuses on James, his struggles growing up in a single-parent home in Akron, Ohio and his rise to become one of the world’s best basketball players.

The show premieres Oct. 26 on Disney XD. It’s co-produced by Springhill Productions, James’ company operated by close friend and business partner Maverick Carter, and ESPN Films….

“Sports and athletes were my inspiration growing up,” he said. “When I learned that they had some of the same struggles and challenges I did, it made everything seem possible. That’s what `Becoming’ is all about.”

If you want to see some rare footage of LeBron playing AAU ball and in high school, tune in (check your local listings).

It’s not a bad idea if the shows are well done, although I can see this getting tiresome quick as the shows will likely all follow the same rough arc. Think “Behind the Music.” That said, there are a lot of worse things your child could be watching.