Greg Monroe calls offseason rumors surrounding him ‘lies’


Greg Monroe had a busy summer.

He was a restricted free agent, and couldn’t come to terms on a satisfactory deal with the Pistons. This made the process drag out longer than expected, creating plenty of headlines before Monroe ultimately chose to sign a one-year qualifying offer, which will give him the freedom to become an unrestricted free agent once the season is finished.

There were also reports of his unwillingness to stay in Detroit if Josh Smith wasn’t sent packing, and if that wasn’t enough, he was suspended two games by the league for a DUI arrest, the details of which proved to be somewhat embarrassing.

That’s a lot for one player to deal with, and at least in terms of the rumored problems with teammates and the reported desire to play somewhere else, Monroe was finally able to set the record straight.

From Perry A. Farrell of the Detroit Free Press:

“It wasn’t rumors, it was all lies,” he said of things leaked about him over the summer. “Because I know what really went on, I’m not worried about it. … I know the truth. At the end of the day, I’m focused on getting ready for the season. All that stuff is behind me. I could (not) really care less.” …

“My family and I made the decision,” Monroe said of signing the qualifying offer. “I have an agent who handles that and I don’t feel as a player it’s something I should talk about. Just because I signed a qualifying offer people assume I’m leaving. That’s not the case.

“I love Detroit and the people here. I’m looking forward to playing for this coaching staff. There’s no problem with any of my teammates. I went to Josh and we talked. He knows what I said and didn’t say.”

Sometimes when baseless reports about a player’s feelings surface, they can be simply laughed off. But when you’re talking about issues like locker room relationships and questioning a player’s desire to play for his current team, it’s far less easy to do so.