Dion Waiters on claim Wizards have NBA’s best backcourt: ‘That’s nonsense’


John Wall declared the Wizards had the NBA’s best backcourt.

Wall is an All-Star, and Beal is emerging toward that level. Plus, they – Wall a driver and Beal a shooter – fit well together.

They match each other on self-assessments, too.

Beal, via Brian Jackson CSN Washington:

“I think we’re definitely the best back court in the league,” Beal stated during the Wizards Media Day on Monday. “Just in terms of what we’re capable of doing, the confidence that we have in that. At the same time we got to prove it.”

I don’t really agree. I’d rate the Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson No. 1, and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili (even though Ginobili doesn’t start) are also in contention. Chris Paul-J.J. Redick and Patrick Beverley-James Harden are sleeper picks.

Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters? Nah, they don’t really enter the discussion.

At least not unless you infer things from Waiters’ comments.

Waiters has attributed his previous brash statements to being straightforward and honest. If he really believes he and Irving are the NBA’s best backcourt, he should say so. He’d be wrong, but he should stick with his approach.

Wall isn’t mincing words, though.

The Cavaliers will make the playoffs this season. Irving and Waiters still won’t be the NBA’s best backcourt and will still likely fall behind Wall and Beal in the pecking order.