Report: Suns near contract extensions with Morris twins


Twins Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris wanted to keep playing together badly enough that they were willing to take a discount to play on the same team (they had played on the same high school team then together in college at Kansas).

The Suns are going to take them up on that, apparently.

Phoenix has both under contract, and both are eligible for extensions to their rookie deals. The Suns are close to four year deals to keep both of them, reports Marc Stein of ESPN.

Markieff is the more valuable player — he finished fourth in Sixth Man of the Year voting last season — and will make more bank. He averaged 13.8 points and six rebounds a game playing nearly 27 minutes a night for the Suns last season, with a very good PER of 18.4.

Marcus came off the bench, too, and was solid — 9.8 points a game in 22 minutes a night, with a PER of 14.8 very close to the league average.

If Stein’s numbers are correct, that sounds like a solid deal for the Suns — they would get a quality big man and a solid reserve for an average of $13 million a year combined. That’s good for a Suns team that just forked out for Eric Bledsoe and will have to again next summer to keep Goran Dragic in the fold.

If this becomes official the brothers will have been true to their word and taken a little less than market value to stay together.