Mark Cuban’s response: Daryl Morey has some Donald Trump in him


Mark Cuban and Daryl Morey are doing their best to build up a Mavericks/Rockets rivalry.

Over the summer Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban questioned Morey, the Rockets’ GM, and his approach to chemistry and team building, saying he was just trying to slap some stars together. This weekend Morey fired back saying if Cuban loved team chemistry so much why did he break up his 2011 championship team for cap space?

You knew local media were going to ask Cuban for a response and you know Cuban can’t turn down that kind of bait, so… Bryan Gutierrez of Mavs Outsider take it away.

“The only reason I’m even responding is because I respect and like Daryl, who’s smart. He’s got some Donald Trump in him where he doesn’t really understand media all that well, but he’s a smart guy and one of the smartest general managers in the league. So we can have some fun going back and forth….

“Like I said, I’m only doing this because I like and respect Daryl, but he kind of got it started when he called us about Dirk after Dwight. Then he got it started again when, what did he say, he said ‘We develop stars; we don’t sign them.’ Yet he signed Dwight and traded for Harden. I don’t know who the Rockets have developed that’s on his roster right now. If you throw the punches, I just don’t think he realized he threw them, so I had some fun responding.”

The Trump shot is low. To be fair, Morey has way better hair.

Like I said, Cuban and Morey are doing their best to build up a Mavericks/Rockets rivalry. Trumped up or not (pun intended).

Cuban can feel emboldened because the Mavs certainly had the better free agency summer which has led myself (and a number of others) to predict the Mavericks will finish higher in the standings than the Rockets (barring major injuries).

But the Mavericks’ window is maybe the next couple of years (and with the Thunder, Clippers and Spurs out West it’s not much of an open window at all). The Rockets have two cornerstone pieces in Dwight Howard and James Harden, but they have to get the right system then players to fit that system around them. They are not going to get there this year, but they have some of the harder parts of the foundation to get.

Which really only means we’re going to get this back and forth for a little while.