Carmelo Anthony guarantees Knicks will improve from last season


Phil Jackson says the Knicks “believe” they’ll make the playoffs, because what else are they supposed to believe, let alone say?

I bet 99 percent of players and coaches, asked before the season whether they believe their team will make the playoffs, would say yes.

But Carmelo Anthony went out of his way to make a (somewhat) bold proclamation about New York’s upcoming season.

The Knicks went 37-45 last year. They easily could clear that low bar.

But it’s hardy a given.

They had the NBA’s seventh-oldest team, weight by playing time, last season. Old teams, more often than not, decline.

They lost Tyson Chandler. Perhaps more troubling, they kept most of their other key players.

They face tougher competition in the East now.

Maybe Jose Calderon helps. Maybe Phil Jackson Derek Fisher helps. Maybe the ball bounces better for a team that had a Pythagorean record of 39-43 a year ago.

But I’m sure not as confident as Melo.