Rajon Rondo was at a trampoline park days before he broke his hand, supposedly at his home


Rajon Rondo underwent surgery on a broken hand Friday, an injury that will keep him out of action for at least six to eight weeks.

The team release stated that Rondo fell at his home the night before, and Rondo reportedly told the team that the injury was a result of him slipping in the shower.

For those that find that explanation plausible but a little suspicious, a bit of information has emerged that provides a convenient alternate theory as to how the injury took place.

From Jeff Goodman of ESPN.com:

Celtics brass aware Rondo went to trampoline park on Tuesday (for his daughter’s b-day party). Ainge & Co. still believe shower incident.

There’s little incentive for Rondo to be deceitful here, unless jumping on a trampoline (which we don’t even know that he did) is expressly prohibited in his Celtics contract. And, Rondo does spend more time in the shower than most of us, as mentioned in the profile Lee Jenkins did on him for Sports Illustrated back in February of 2013:

Rondo takes five showers on game days, the last one precisely 45 minutes before tip-off, because he does his best thinking in the water. He jumps out to scribble ideas, which can present problems, since he is a germaphobe who hates being barefoot. He keeps three or four pairs of shower shoes in his locker. “I’m a little OCD,” he admits.

Conspiracy theories are fun to discuss, but the majority of them turn out to be false. Unless we see video evidence to the contrary, we’ll go ahead and assume that the trampoline park appearance in the same week when the injury occurred is nothing more than an interesting coincidence.