LeBron James says he’s down to 250 pounds, “that’s not such a good thing for the competition”


LeBron James is back in Cleveland and he is ready to run. Literally. He is thinner and quicker and ready to get up and down the court.

LeBron sat down for an episode of “CNN’s Unguarded with Rachel Nichols” (which airs Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET) and he discussed his weight loss among a variety of other topics with the reporter who owns Roger Goodell (but that’s another topic).

LEBRON: I’m in the 250ish range, you know, a lot lighter than I’ve been playing at in the last few years. But I feel good….

NICHOLS: And what did you eat or not eat?

LEBRON: I’ll tell you what I couldn’t have. No carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no refined sugar– no nothing. Meat. Fish. Veggies. Fruit.

NICHOLS: What was the hardest thing to give up?

LEBRON: It was either pancakes or chocolate chip cookies and ice cream….

NICHOLS: Are you quicker on the court now?

LEBRON: I am. I am. And that’s not such a good thing for the competition.

Basically, LeBron went Paleo.

Don’t think this means a skinny, weak LeBron — as Dave Zirin noted 250 is still heavier than Patrick Ewing was at age 25, and Ewing was taller. LeBron is still going to be strong going to the rim at that weight but for a guy thinking about the future now and longevity (to go with his legacy) being lighter is a good thing for the knees and legs.

LeBron also talked about meeting with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and getting past the comic sans, ranting letter Gilbert wrote right after LeBron bolted for Cleveland — a letter that seemed a big hurdle to any James return.

LEBRON: Well, you know, it was a straightforward conversation. It was no beating around the bush. He basically said, you know, “No matter what decision you make, we wanted to clear the air. And — you know, to where we can if we see each other in — in public or we see each other wherever, if I’m competing’ against you — we can always shake each other’s hands and look at the fun times that we had — in Cleveland while we were together instead of focus on a one night that kind of, you know– everyone kind of focuses on.”

The two also discussed if LeBron might have stayed in Miami if they won a title, the timing of the move, and how since coming to Cleveland he has tried to tamp down expectations.

Catch the full interview on CNN Friday night.