Now Chris Bosh says he’s excited to get back into post for Heat


His last season in Toronto (2009-10), Chris Bosh got 35 percent of his touches in the post (according to Synergy Sports) and took 56.8 percent of his shot attempts within 10 feet of the rim. He played more like a traditional center.

Last season with LeBron James and the Miami Heat, Bosh got just 7.5 percent of his touches in the post and took 38.6 percent within 10 feet of the rim — yet more than half his shots came from outside 16 feet. The Heat system used him to space the floor.

“I don’t bang anybody anymore. It’s a tired thing for me. It’s not my strength and I understand that,” Bosh said back in May about his move to the perimeter.

Now LeBron is gone from Miami and while the Heat are still going to go small they are going to ask Bosh to play more in the post — and Bosh is excited about that, he told Shandel Richardson of the Sun Sentinel.

“I had to play a role,” Bosh said Tuesday, speaking at an appearance at a Warren Henry Auto Group event in Kendall. “I had to play the role for the championships. I feel that I’m back to doing what comes naturally for me, which is being back in the post, being more aggressive. I’m really excited to show the city of Miami what I have…

“They didn’t need me to do that [play in the post],” Bosh said. “(Wade) and LeBron were our post guys. I kind of really used to those tools that I gained and put it all together.”


This seems like a case where Bosh is excited to have a big role again after willingly subjugating his role as LeBron grew his. Now Bosh is going to be the focal point of the offense and he likes it. He’ll do that on the post, on the wing, wherever they give him touches.

The Heat are going to be a solid regular season team and Bosh is going to help out some fantasy teams more than people expect this year. Wherever he gets his points.