Magic Johnson reverses course on Danny Ferry


Danny Ferry did something wrong.

He never should have said what he did about Luol Deng, even if the African descriptor originated with someone else. The comment was racist and should have no place in any professional environment (or anywhere, really).

Since, Ferry has apologized. Twice.

That was a good start, but Ferry must also prove his sincerity through action. That apparently included apologizing to Magic Johnson, who previously called for Ferry to step down.

Magic then:

Magic now:

I’m not sure how Johnson fits into this saga other than he interjects himself into a lot of things, but his support will only help Ferry. Ferry already has a lengthy list of people who don’t think he should be fired, including NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Though I wouldn’t protest if the Hawks fired Ferry, I have not called for Ferry’s firing. I’m not convinced his comment warrants that punishment IF he takes the appropriate steps to learn from his error.

Ferry remains somewhat out of the spotlight, so it’s not entirely clear how he’s doing on that process. Remember, Hawks owner Michael Gearon also claimed the front office’s diversity had worsened under Ferry. There are deeper issues to address.

But Johnson is convinced, and that counts for something. For what? I’m not exactly sure. But something.