Celtics GM Danny Ainge remains noncommittal on trading Rajon Rondo


Danny Ainge is keeping his options open.

He has a guy in Rajon Rondo that is an All-Star point guard who, with quality players around him, can help lift a team. Problem is the Celtics don’t really have those players right now, Ainge can try to trade for some, but frankly Rondo is his best trade asset.

So, what’s he going to do, trade Rondo or try to keep and re-sign him? He doesn’t know. Bill Doyle of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette was there Sunday when Ainge spoke to a mormon church in Worcester and Ainge remained noncommittal when asked about the future of the Celtics and Rondo.

First off, no GM says “I’m trying to trade this guy” because it kills his trade value. Even if everyone knows you’re shopping the guy you don’t say it. Ainge has wisely played this thing down the middle.

Also, coming off surgery last year, even teams that are interested are going to want to see a little more Rondo in action before getting serious about making an offer.

As we move toward the trade deadline there are going to be a lot of Rondo rumors and most will be crap. Ainge isn’t just going to give him away. The risk here is that he very well could lose him and get nothing in return. That said Ainge has played this hand this long, he’s not about to fold it now. He’s going to wait to get something he likes.