Taj Gibson says he’s fine coming off the bench for Bulls: ‘Please miss me with the drama’


The Bulls have three starter-quality big men in Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, and newcomer Pau Gasol. But one of them is going to come off the bench, and it’s almost certainly going to be Gibson, who was a reserve in 74 of his 82 regular season appearances last season.

A report surfaced that said Gibson was less than thrilled with this privately, but wouldn’t make an issue of it due to his unselfish, team-first nature.

Gibson took it a step further, and ventured into the murky waters of Twitter to let everyone know that coming off the bench would continue to be just fine.

As we’ve stated many times, head coaches in the league care very little about the starting lineup, at least in terms of using it as an indicator of the team’s best players, or who will be on the floor when the game matters most.

It can be a source of pride for the players, however, so it was probably best for Gibson to publicly declare his position on the matter, even if these aren’t really his true personal feelings.