Report: Timberwolves “optimistic” about Ricky Rubio extension, except nowhere close on money


The early reports were that Ricky Rubio wanted the full five year max dollar extension. We all had a good laugh at that. As we should. I’m a bigger Rubio backer than most and I thought it was funny.

The rumor has been Minnesota offered more along the lines of four years, $43 million, but Rubio’s people want a lot more. The Timberwolves are not going to offer a fifth year, you can only have one of those extensions on the roster at a time and they have Wiggins on the roster now (we’ll see if he earns it, but you hold it for him). This obviously all goes back to how Minnesota screwed up the extension with Kevin Love not giving him a five-year max, but that’s an old story now.

The two sides are talking and while the Wolves may be “optimistic” they don’t sound anywhere close. Darren Wolfson of in Minny spoke with Wolves GM Milt Newton.

I suppose one should never say never, but don’t bet on this deal getting done. Next summer Rubio will be a restricted free agent and unless he suddenly develops a steady jump shot between the World Cup and this season he could find the free agent market about as complicated and unfriendly as Eric Bledsoe has this summer.

Speaking of Bledsoe.

Not happening. And if you’re thinking “why not swap Rubio for Bledsoe?” that makes absolutely no sense for the Suns. None. They are working to keep Goran Dragic why would they bring in Rubio, have to overpay to keep him, then have him take the ball out of Dragic’s hands?