Report: NBA sleeved jerseys not selling well


A couple seasons ago, the Warriors wore sleeved jerseys.

Since, the NBA has aggressively marketed sleeved jerseys across the league.

Maybe it was to create more ad space. Maybe it was just to sell more jerseys.

OK, it was definitely to sell more jerseys (though that doesn’t eliminate other goals).

But those sales aren’t going so well.

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch:

Yesterday afternoon I took part in a panel discussion as part of an NYU sports business class. One of the other panelists was the buyer for a well-known chain of sporting goods stores — let’s call him Mr. Buyer

Other tidbits from Mr. Buyer included the following:

• The NBA’s sleeved jerseys are not selling well.

Caveat: Mr. Buyer represents only one company, and maybe others are having more success.

But it would be no surprise if this issue is industry wide.

The sleeved jerseys don’t look good. Players – notably including LeBron James – don’t like them. Those factors don’t motivate consumers.

I can’t imagine the pajama sleeved-jersey experiment will last much longer.