Serbia holds impassioned celebration for World Cup silver medal


Team USA – except Derrick Rose – danced a little to celebrate its World Cup victory. Back home, we’re debating whether anyone – besides Mike Krzyzewski – cares enough about the tournament.

It’s all very ho-hum.

Meanwhile, in Serbia…

As a reminder, the Serbians were crushed by the U.S. in the championship game. Yet, the unexpected silver medal meant so much to them.

The United States has a huge advantage on international competition. Basketball is so popular and widespread here, the Americans’ talent pool is unmatched.

But other countries are closing the gap. They’re gaining interest in the sport, and that’s leading to devoting more manpower and resources toward it. Maybe that crowd features a young Serbian boy who will someday lead their national team to a win over the U.S.

As we take worldwide dominance for granted, other countries are improving. The American reign won’t end anytime soon, but it’s just getting harder and harder to maintain.