Report: Spurs open to signing-and-trading Aron Baynes


Eric Bledsoe draws most of the attention for remaining on the market as a restricted free agent.

But Spurs center Aron Baynes is the other free agent with a qualifying offer on the table.

Any time by Oct. 1, Baynes can sign a guaranteed one-year, $1,115,243 contract with San Antonio. Until then, he’s looking for a bigger deal overseas, but that NBA offer is in his back pocket.

The Spurs are exploring their options, too.

I’d hope so.

The Spurs already have 17 players, so if Baynes accepts the qualifying offer, they’ll be in an even tighter squeeze to reach the regular-season roster limit of 15. Sure, waiving JaMychal Green, Bryce Cotton and Josh Davis – each of whom has a small guarantee – wouldn’t drastically harm the Spurs. But I’d guess San Antonio wants more roster flexibility than that entering training camp.

I also figure the Spurs aren’t just exploring sign-and-trades. If they can find Baynes a job overseas, they’d have the option of submitting a qualifying offer next offseason to keep him a restricted free agent. Maybe then, their roster will be more conducive to adding Baynes.

That seems more feasible than finding Baynes an NBA landing spot now. I doubt he agrees to a sign-and-trade unless he makes as much as the qualifying offer would pay, and few – if any – NBA teams are likely to desire him that much.

But, hey, Baynes just had a nice World Cup for Australia, and that earned Joe Ingles a contract of his liking. Maybe it will work for both.