Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor turned 80 today. Enjoy some highlights.


“Most of the time, I never knew what I was going to do until I did it. Sometimes when the ball went in, I couldn’t believe it myself.”
—Elgin Baylor (via Lakers Glory)

Elgin Baylor was the graceful player starting to play above the rim while the rest of the NBA was still in the 1960s.

That never won Baylor a title (the Lakers won the year after he retired) but it doesn’t change his impact on the NBA. He paved the way for Dr. J, who paved the way for today’s game.

He was also one of the first players who really sold tickets — home and road people came out to see him.

If you’ve never seen the Hall of Fame swingman play, here you go. There haven’t been many better.