Oklahoma City Thunder top 10 plays of 2014 season (VIDEO)


You already know that when compiling a list of the Thunder’s top plays, there will be ridiculous scoring by Kevin Durant, and elite athleticism displayed by Russell Westbrook. And there’s plenty of that to be seen here, for sure.

But what struck me when watching this was just how unstoppable those two are in the game’s most critical moments.

Durant’s three to win the game against the Raptors was a good distance beyond the arc, and contested as well as possible. Westbrook ripping Mike Conley in the open floor shows he can be just as deadly on the defensive end when he’s locked in. And the top two plays feature Durant and Westbrook throwing up corner threes as they’re essentially falling out of bounds (and in Durant’s case, getting fouled), which seems to occur more often than luck would explain away.

Also: Nice job by the Grizzlies, being victimized here four different times.